What The Heck Is a Bullet Journal?

my bullet journal

I have been obsessing over this new organization method called “The Bullet Journal” for about a month now and I wanted to show you guys how it’s really ramped up my organization and how it’s honestly changed my life.

Bullet Journaling was created by Ryder Carroll as a way to rapid log his day and to help organize his life but has turned into this really cool community for creatives and minimalists alike! If decorating your planner isn’t really your thing, I strongly suggest taking a look at Ryder Carroll’s video describing why he created the bullet journal and how he uses it without decorating. However, if you’re like me and love a pretty planner it works great for you too!

Like I said in the video, bullet journaling has really allowed me to be creative with my weekly layouts and adapt them for what I need. I’m also able to take notes about my blog and other important things going on in my life and keep track of my meals, weight loss and more. I love that it’s one journal, one notebook that holds everything that I need. I also love that if one week I want to track my water intake or vitamins but I find it’s not working out, I take them out.

I love the beautiful layouts of the Erin Condren Life Planner or The Happy Planner but there’s a lot of aspects to those planners that I don’t use and some I wish I could build in – hence the beauty and versatility of the bullet journal.

I have a bullet journal themed Pinterest board so be sure to follow me on Pinterest for any of your bujo or planning inspirations.

Pinterest Bullet Journal 101

Let me know how you guys like to organize your lives in the comments or on Twitter/Instagram!

Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette by Urban Decay Review

Alice Through the looking glass palette


Guys, I am so excited for today’s post! And it wasn’t even on my calendar, it just happened. That’s the best kind of blog posts, though. Am I right? Anyway…this story starts with shampoo. Just keep reading.

I needed new shampoo and my mom needed foundation so we decided to head to Ulta and pick up the necessities. As per usual with Ulta, we got more than we had planned. We stocked up on some foundation from iT Cosmetics. I also nabbed the Smashbox Primer Water and the iT Cosmetics Brush cleaner. We were standing at the register when this little beauty caught my eye -The Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette by Urban Decay. The colors were so pretty, I just had to have it!

Ulta Haul

Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette Packaging:


alice through the looking glass palette packaging

The packaging is so adorable. It’s equal parts whimsical and beautiful and is very fitting for the movie. The outside is covered in a cool kaleidoscope pattern with the looking glass and movie logo. Then you pull open the palette expecting colors and you’re greeted with a mirror that’s got “We’re all a little mad here” scrawled across the bottom. That’s actually one of my favorite quotes from Alice in Wonderland so I love that it’s cleverly placed on the mirror.

Then you have the black folded pieces with pull tabs also scripted in a really fun font that says, “I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.” I love that. I love that the packaging is just encouraging people to be themselves and using quotes from the movie. I was expecting to pull the tabs to reveal the shadows but it actually reveals this really cool butterfly!

alice through the looking glass palette inside alice through the looking glass palette butterfly

The colors are then in a little “drawer” underneath the butterfly contraption.

alice through the looking glass palette


The Colors:

Ah. They are so beautiful and SO pigmented. Some of them are really unique and some will be great for blending and transition colors. I can’t wait to play around and create some bold and fun looks for you guys.

(Shameless self promotion: but if you want to see any of those looks be sure to let me know by tweeting at me @MollyMahannah, letting me know on Instagram @MollyMahannah or commenting below!)

Urban Decay Palette ATTLG Palette


I swatched them for you too, although I don’t feel like my camera did the colors justice. They really were beautifully pigmented!

alice through the looking glass swatch

From right to left these are: Looking Glass, Hatter, Lilly, Heads Will Roll and Time. The lighter shades like Looking Glass and Lilly ARE equally pigmented, just hard to see on the camera.

ATTLG swatches

From top to bottom these are: Reflection (again hard to see), Gone Mad, Duchess (one of my favorites), Bandersnatch and Dream On.


This is my favorite row of colors and I think a look combining all of these would be gorgeous! From right to left these are: Dormouse, Paradox, Kingdom, Salazen Grum and Chronosphere.


And finally from top to bottom we have: Metamorphosis, Cake, Chessboard, Royal Flush and Mirror.

Overall I am VERY impressed with this palette and am looking forward to playing around.


Let me know what you thing!


Spring Clothing Haul!

Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

Ugh, shopping. It truly is an addiction of mine. Although I actually don’t particularly like spring clothes, I do like springtime. I’m just more of a fall girl. That being said, the spring fashion trends this year are really right up my alley so I couldn’t help but get my hands on a few of them. In my newest video, I take you through the spring 2016 fashion trends that I am loving and that I bought.



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